differences between laptop and notebook

What are the differences between a Laptop and Notebook?

The modern computing terms are no longer restricted to mere ‘desktop’ and ‘laptop’. We frequently hear the terms ‘notebook’ and ‘netbook’ in the computer market. These terms are often used interchangeably, as they are thought to be largely similar.

However, there are many differences between the two, and it is essential to know them before you select a device for your business. Let us have a look at some of them –

Weight and Portability

A typical laptop can weigh somewhere around five pounds, while a notebook weigh around three pounds or less. A difference of a pound or two may not sound like much in theory, but is keenly felt when you have to carry it around with you for most of the day.

If your business takes you on frequent travels, portability is an important consideration. A notebook may suit your needs better in such cases as they can fit into bags and briefcases more easily.


Laptops are generally priced at a higher range than a notebook. The main elements that affect the price of a laptop are its screen size and processing power.

Even in notebooks, the price differences arise when they are bifurcated into netbooks and ultrabooks. The latter computing devices offer more advanced features and are priced at a higher range.


The performance of either a laptop or notebook largely depends on features such as CPU, GPU, RAM and disk speed. The higher the price, the more advanced features you will get in either of the devices.

As laptops tend to cost higher, their features have a higher performance power.

Traditionally, businesses have turned to laptops for high-powered computing needs, and to notebooks for more simplistic requirements. However, tech giants like HP have blurred the lines between laptop and notebook computers. The HP ProBook series are stylish notebook computers that are not only highly portable, but also equipped with powerful processors and security features for the modern professional.

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