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8 Things to Consider Before Buying an HP ZBook Mobile Workstation


HP ZBook line has a wide range of powerful mobile workstations for those who deal with serious workloads like 3D modeling, real-time rendering, product development and so on. However, with so many options, it can be confusing to select the right HP ZBook for your particular requirements. And, mobile workstations being a long-term requirement, you need to make your choice carefully.

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Here are the considerations you should keep in minding before selecting your HP ZBook –

Balance between budget and performance

Considering that mobile workstations are built for power usage, the specifications naturally place them at a higher price range than an average laptop. If you want a laptop to only for less resource-heavy tasks like browsing the Internet, working with text editors and excel sheets, or even for light gaming and video editing, you might be better off with a commercial-grade laptop. Otherwise, you will be paying for a lot of extra power that you will never use.

On the other hand, if you need the power, you can go for the model like the HP ZBook 15v, HP’s most affordable workstation laptop. It will give you the power to complete your demanding projects at value-price.


Built for durability, the mobile workstations tend to be a bit more heavier than a standard laptop. If you are looking for both power and portability, you will want to look at the models like HP ZBook 14u and HP ZBook 15u. These devices deliver the standard HP ZBook power in a thin and light design for true portability.

Graphics and display

All HP ZBooks are equipped with powerful processors and graphics card to handle serious creating and editing workloads. Models like HP ZBook 15, HP ZBook Studio and HP ZBook Studio x360 are perfect for photorealistic designs, creating lifelike VR with their professional graphics.

They also come with optional HP DreamColor 4K UHD display that lets you experience your work in one billion vibrant colors.

Different work modes and detachability

If you want the convenience of multiple work modes, you have the option of HP ZBook Studio x360, while the HP ZBook x2 detachable workstation will give you the functionality of both laptop and tablet.

Security and durability

All the HP ZBooks are tested down to the last screw for extreme mission-critical reliability, and to withstand any damage either due to harsh environmental conditions or accidental drops.

With cyber threats lurking everywhere, they are also secured from BIOS to browser with HP’s most advanced security features.

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