HP ZBook mobile workstation in Bangalore

How to Get the Most Out of Your HP ZBook Mobile Workstation and Increase Remote Productivity

HP ZBooks are the mobile workstations from the powerful Z line of hardware solutions for a range of industries. Built for power use, they make remote work easier for professionals who need to perform resource-intensive tasks like 3D animation, BIM modeling, or run product development, architecture and engineering workflows.

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Let us see some tips to make the most of your HP ZBook to reach optimum productivity –

Get your HP ZBook charged at the start of the work day

With a long battery life, you will hardly need to keep charging your laptop between the work day and be forced to stay close to the charging point. Without the anxiety of power supply running out, you can comfortably work in any favorite corner of your house as long as you want.

Get a change of scenery

A change in your usual spot of work will freshen you up and contribute to increased productivity. Carry the lightweight HP ZBook easily to your favorite cafe or sit in the warm sunlit spot of your garden. With an optional anti-glare display, you do not have to worry about the lighting condition affecting your screen visibility.

One of the biggest worries of working in a public place that anyone can read your confidential information such as login credentials over your shoulder. With an optional integrated privacy screen, your HP ZBook will shield your critical information from any prying eyes.

Having undergone more than 300,000 hours of vigorous testing, you can confidently take your HP ZBook anywhere you want, with the assurance that any accidental bumps or drops will not damage your mobile workstation.

Prioritize your most important tasks

We all have hours when we are at our productive best, and hours when we do not get much done. Get your most important and demanding tasks completed quickly with the extreme power of Z during your peak productivity hours. This will leave you more time to work leisurely on the less important tasks as you are winding down for the day.

Hold virtual chat sessions with your team

Working remotely for a prolonged period of time can give rise to a sense of isolation among team members. To prevent this and make sure your team remains connected, you can hold periodic virtual sessions with your team, apart from work discussions. With superior speakers, microphones, a noise cancelling software and options for an HD webcam, your virtual sessions are sure to be a success!

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