Zbook firefly 14 G7 is HP’s latest offering in the line of mobile workstations aimed towards power users like graphic designers, financial modelers, multimedia creators, etc. According to HP, it is claimed to be the world’s smallest and lightest 14-inch mobile workstation. In our HP zbook firefly 14 g7 mobile workstation review we will see what makes it the best mobile workstation for developers and power users alike.

The first differentiator that sets Zbook firefly ahead of its competitors is its display. It comes equipped with a 14 inch IPS screen with 1080P or 4K resolution capable of 550-nit brightness, which provides a stunning display. The anti-reflective matte screen is enclosed within minimal-width bezels which gives it a sophisticated look. It has a superior colour reproduction averaging at 104% of the colour gamut (sRGB).

When it comes to performance, it boasts of an i7 10th gen processor and an Nvidia Quadro GPU with RAM up to 64 GB and SSD extending up to 2 TB. Such specs are capable enough to handle all kinds of computation-intensive tasks. Whether you are designing graphics, creating multimedia, or crunching data for modelling this workstation will manage it all with ease.

Considering the ergonomics and build quality then this mini-workhorse has a lot to impress. It comes with a fully aluminium-body and weighs a comfortable 1.4 kgs. The 4.4 x 2.4-inch touchpad is slick and responsive. HP made an intuitive decision by placing the mouse buttons above the touchpad which makes moving the fingers between the touchpad and mouse buttons much easier.

The powerful dual speakers, controlled with HP Audio Control, produce crisp and clear audio which is ideal for both media-watching and teleconferencing.

HP is one of those notebook manufacturers which gives special emphasis on security. The ZBook has plenty of HP Essential and Pro Security features, which include a screen-privacy filter, permanent data deletion options for hard disks, data encryption, privacy webcam, multi-step authentication, fingerprint scanning, and self-service password recovery. Besides that HP has also included a plethora of software tools for workstation administration. Due to the pandemic situation, HP has enabled the zbook to withstand 1000 wipes with household disinfectants.

In the connectivity realm, HP has made sure that zbook stays up-to-date with all the latest versions of connectivity standards. On the left side, it has a headphone/microphone input, a smart-card reader slot, two USB 3.1 Type-A ports. On the right side, there are two USB Type-C ports (with thunderbolt support), an HDMI output, and the power adapter. It supports Bluetooth 5.0, NFC reading, and LTE connectivity with sim cards.

Zbook firefly 14 G7 with its superior hardware and a dazzling display is an ideal mobile workstation for designers. IBS Solutions is one of the leading providers of HP laptops and desktops in India. We aim to provide you with solutions that are geared towards maximizing your productivity. Contact us for getting the best quotation for the Zbook firefly 14 G7 mobile workstation.

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