How to Choose the Right Workstation for Your Organization

Sooner or later, every business owner finds himself/herself in the need of upgrading their office workstations. Obviously, not every workstation in the market is the right choice for your business needs. However, with a multitude of options and configurations, selecting a suitable workstation can be confusing.

Here are some considerations that can help you narrow down your choice –

Strike a balance between performance and price

This is arguably the trickiest part of purchasing a workstation. Business owners either tend to go for the most powerful systems, or go for the least pricey option. In case of the former, you will end up overspending unless your business deals with high-end professional video production or complex tasks like machine learning and project modelling.

On the other hand, if you go only for the lowest price, you may need to upgrade again in a short amount of time. Workstations are a long term investment, so you need to choose carefully.

The best way is to select one which provides enough power to run all your applications, and allows expansion of capabilities if required.

Processors and GPU –

As technology keeps advancing, it keeps getting tougher to trade off between considerations like manufactures, CPU frequency or speed, and number of cores. Higher frequency is required for greater speed. If you need to multitask frequently, you need to go for a higher number of cores. It will increase your cost, but pay off in the longer run.

A GPU will not be the main consideration for basic-level tasks, but you will need a high-performing GPU for graphics-intensive tasks like 3D modeling and creating animations.

RAM and Storage-

Again, if you need to multitask or run computing-heavy operations, you cannot afford to for less RAM. If you are concerned about your budget, you can select a workstation with less RAM, and add increase it later as required.

Coming to storage, you need to choose between the less expensive and traditional hard disk drive (HDD), and the more expensive solid state drive (SDD) that allows faster access times. Again, the choice is entirely dependent on your daily computing needs.

Thus, a lot of thought needs to be put behind acquiring a workstation for your organization. You might also need different models for your employees depending upon their job requirements.

HP Z4, from HP’s series of Z workstations, is the tech giant’s best selling workhorse. Not only it can handle complex tasks ranging from 3D modelling and VR creation to machine learning, but you can also customize the workstation to fit your business requirements.

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