Why HP Z2 Mini G4 Workstation is best for CAD users

Open Workstations are looked up to for machine learning, artificial intelligence, product development, and so on. It is almost a notion that workstations are meant for complicated work. Therefore business professionals like 2D developers, CAD developers, and designers have kept away from buying workstations. But creative professionals also need a lot of power and reliability to achieve their optimum productivity. Thus, recognizing the need, HP has introduced a compact machine that will not only be efficient for CAD work, but also help in VR improvement work processing. Let us see what this machine has to offer the professionals in creative business.

 HP Z Workstations have become the business standard for clients who need an optimum efficiency workstation. The HP Z2 Mini has been designed for a huge number of CAD clients requesting compact equipment without trading off acoustics, performance, and strategic unwavering quality.

The Mini workstation conveys high workloads in a size of 2.7L in volume. The Workstation is especially designed for SolidWorks, AutoCAD, and VR improvement work processes.

Here is a few HP Z2 Workstation spec:

 Graphics: NVIDIA Quadro P600 2GB/NVIDIA Quadro P1000 4GB graphics cards

CPU: A six-core Intel Xeon Processor, which can all be associated with up to six displays for the other devices and display network.

Software: Integrated with HP’s Manageability Kit, HP Sure Start and HP Sure Run which help keep basic procedures running, regardless of whether malware attempts to stop.

Slots: Four PCIe spaces and double M.2 storage spaces. With double M.2 storage, clients can introduce higher  storage and discretionary self-encryption.

 “Today designers want sleek, innovative and powerful workstations that enable new experiences. Designed for the workspace of the future, HP Z2 Mini Workstation is remarkably versatile and it showcases next level power by offering twice the power of a business-class mini PC, a key for designers. It is the result of HP engineers and designers reinventing the concept of a workstation by rethinking its shape, size and look while adding functionality to enable new use cases,” said Ketan Patel, Senior Director – Personal Systems Business, HP Inc. India.


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