HP Z Workstations – The Power to Endear

No prizes for guessing that when you run Blender, Adobe After Effects or any other creative apps; you have to be at your workstation’s discretion. The tools mentioned do make way for eye-catching video and graphics; but the computing device on your part; irrespective of it being a desktop or laptop workstation; does require appropriate hardware for rendering the best output.

This is where HP’s Z Workstations come into picture. They claim to have more horsepower as compared to big-block muscle car from the retro era.

HP’s latest Z workstations do come with Intel Xeon processors coupled with expandable ports in abundance. They are designed such that content creators are able to expand the hardware capabilities if more graphic processing power or RAM is required at that point of time.

The basic advantage of HP Z Workstations is that they are being signed off by Avid, Adobe, and Maya. These independent software vendors are working on close grounds with HP to make sure that users go easy even while working remotely (in line with Covid-19 outbreak) using either HP’s RGS (remote graphics software package) or edit bay.

It needs to be noted that HP’s Z product line has RGS installed by default. Advanced video compression is also present in RGS. So, we could infer that the verticals where HP Z Workstations find their prominence include architecture, photography, graphic design, media and entertainment, and the ones needing extensive computing capabilities.

HP Z640 does offer around 33% more memory along with 50% more discrete processor cores; so as to give a high-class treat with respect to performance. Plus, these workstations have a tool-less chassis, visually cable-less design, and integrated handles.

HP Z840 makes a beeline to 7 expansion slots, 16 memory slots, 10 expansion bays, and support for around 2 Terabytes of memory. As such, you could state that HP’s Z Workstations are a powerhouse for design professionals; that too, with upgradeability available.

Moreover, being HP products; they already come with built-in security features pertaining to prying eyes and data. Recovery option is also available. This paves the way for easy influx of HP Z Workstations at your workplace.

So, just be all set to have HP Z workstations at your disposal; and move around with utmost confidence and perseverance!

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