HP Z Workstations – Lead from the Future!

HP has tabled Z Workstations keeping in mind future workflows and trends for customers. While designing, the aspects like intention, reliability, and performance are taken into consideration. HP’s dedication toward getting simulations delivered with utmost efficiency is evident from the versatility of these workstations.

The principal features on which HP Z Workstation rides include:

  • Visual effects

Powerful applications such as Autodesk Flame are used by VFX artists for creating effects for audience across the globe. This power budget could be seen only in the workstations.

  • Rendering

Perfection is required as the high-resolution 3D models do witness graphics- and processor-intensive rendering in the applications from someone like Autodesk.

  • Video editing

Video editing did move from 4K to 6K. Now, we see the 8K version. Every increment related to pixel rate actually gets “squared”; which does create data sets needing huge memory and powerful graphics to facilitate real time “playback”.

  • Simulations

Engineers/architects do set parameters, prepare models, import data, and make use of core counts for processing complex algorithms with the objective of enhancing quality, product safety, and time-to-market.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality, analogous to machine learning, does create an environment wherein loads of information, exceptional quality content could be added for rendering a high quality environment. This experience ought to increase with accuracy. In conventional market, this would turn out to be imperative as same processes would need higher computing power.

Machine Learning

The user is required to take innumerable videos for teaching; say – scanning a product to identify a car. Large graphics power and capacity are needed inside the machine for performing this process (which would take ages otherwise).

HP Z Workstations have taken into account these considerations. The output will save time and also not compromise on efficiency.

HP Z8 G4

This workstation, as claimed by HP, is “the world’s most powerful” one with as many as 24 memory slots, close to 4 PCIe storage devices; that too, without consumption of internal I/O slots. Power supply needed is 1700 W. Placement of thermal sensors has increased by around 70%. Aluminum handles enable easy carrying.

HP Z6 G4& HP Z4 G4

Engineers, artists, and developers who are vying for single processor without having to spend for dual processor configuration could go for HP Z6 G4.

HP Z4 G4 comes with a curved display. This has an advantage of preventing ocular strain. You could focus in a better manner on the images on the screen.

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