hp ensure durability of laptops

How does HP Ensure Durability of Laptops?

A businessman no doubt critically looks at every feature of a laptop before making the purchase decision. Most of them value light weight, security and performance above anything else. In all this, the durability of the laptop takes a back seat. However, this could cost you a lot.

In the times of mobile work, you need to be on the move frequently. Your work may even take you to places where temperatures drop rapidly or rise inexorably. The average laptop is not designed to handle such extreme temperatures.

Climate is not the only adversity a laptop has to face. If you travel frequently, your system will be constantly subjected to transportation shocks, vibrations, and dust particles.

Apart from all these, you may even accidentally drop the laptop.If your laptop is not sufficiently durable, you might need to replace them often due to circuit or chassis damage.

Understanding these concerns, HP has dedicated itself to design laptops that can withstand both harsh environmental conditions and any accidental drops.

What makes HP laptops durable?

A vast majority of HP business laptops are put through the HP Total Test Process (TTP) to meet your demanding expectations. They are put through numerous MIL-STD 810G evaluation standards, to ensure consistent high quality.

The HP program requires a minimum of 115,000 hours of testing per device, before it is deemed sturdy enough for your usage.

HP laptops undergo some of the following performance tests to ensure the best possible durability –

  • Drop – Whether the laptop can withstand a drop of 30-inch from any angle
  • High temperature – Whether the laptop can be operated at 140oF and can be stored at 160oF
  • Low temperature – Whether the laptop can be operated at -20oF and can be stored at -60oF
  • Vibration – Whether the laptop can efficiently handle high vibrations for an extended period of time
  • Altitude – Whether the laptop can be operated and stored as high as 15,000 feet
  • Transportation shocks – Whether the laptop responds well to repetitive shock loads

Thus, HP’s durable laptops are necessary for all those who need to travel on a frequent basis and need a robust machine to keep up with their hectic lifestyle. The HP ProBook x360 is one such laptop that has undergone vigorous testing. Stylish to look at, it delivers high speed performance and is protected by HP’s advanced features.

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