Best HP Z Series Workstations for Creative Professionals

The media and entertainment industry is thriving. From movies to video games, visual effects achieved from digital rendering make every scene more realistic. To keep up with the complex tasks of 3D modelling and creating animations, the workstation you use should be equally powerful, reliable and adaptable to changing technology requirements.

The ideal workstation should not only be equipped with multiple cores, huge amount of memory and storage, but should also allow you to easily collaborate and share projects with your team.

Every HP Z series workstation is designed to deliver unthrottled performance for computing-intensive tasks. Let us have a look at some of the best systems in this series for creative professionals –

HP Z4 Workstation

This is HP’s most popular Z desktop, perfect for product designers and video editors. You can optimize a wide range of professional applications with HP Z4’s high-performance processing options and dual extreme graphics support. NVIDIA Quadro® RTX 6000 graphics enable you to easily create lifelike VR content. Plus, you can create your own custom solution to meet your performance demands.

HP Z6 Workstation

This future-proof powerhouse not only brings the capabilities of incredible speed and power, but also the ability to scale as per the changing demands of your industry. Whether you need single or dual processors, additional graphics cards, or increase memory and storage, the HP Z6 comes with full expansion capability. 48 powerful cores, advanced pro graphics and a massive memory of 384 GB let you breeze through complex tasks.

HP Z8 Workstation

Need we say anything more than HP claiming that its Z8 is the “world’s most powerful workstation”? This computer tops all the features and capabilities of the other models. Designed to handle machine learning operations, it can easily keep up with the most demanding 3D modelling or animation tasks. With 56 cores, 3 TB memory and 48 TB storage, you can bid goodbye to any performance bottlenecks.

All these workstations are protected by HP’s most advanced security provisions, and undergo rigorous testing and certification so that both – your software and hardware are protected.

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