Buy HP ZBook Firefly 14 G8 business laptop for uninterrupted productivity


As growing businesses, enterprises need devices that are undisturbed by the extremely high volume of workloads and is able to ensure better performance. HP is a top manufacturer of business desktops that can ensure the superior revenue. Buy HP ZBook Firefly 14 G8 business laptop and enjoy uninterrupted working.

The HP ZBook Firefly mobile workstation is the ideal mobile workstation that successfully combines the better performance of a desktop with preferred compactness of a notebook and provides the best mobile computing device. The longer battery life and faster WiFi speed ensures that users are sorted if they are working on the move or from remote locations.

The HP ZBook has a 14 inch IPS screen that boasts of 4K resolution and capability of 550-nit brightness, that provides a stunning visual experience. The slim bezels, in addition to an anti-reflective matte screen, provide a nearly edge-to-edge seamless display. Additionally the sharper audio from the robust dual speakers, video conferencing or movie watching offers an excellent experience.

The device is developed mainly for power users like financial modelers, multimedia creators, graphic designers, etc who need efficient devices that don’t lose the compact form factor unnecessarily. The HP ZBook Firefly 14 G8 is the smallest and lightest 14-inch mobile workstation. On the outside, HP ZBook Firefly mobile workstation has a robust aluminium body with strong clamshell hinges and an island-type keyboard. The device is lightweight and weighs only 1.4 Kgs. The smooth mouse pad is extremely responsive. The intuitively positioned mouse buttons makes navigation a much better experience.

Combined with an NVIDIA Quadro GPU and Intel 11th gen i7 processor, the device is fully able of managing all the computation and graphic intensive tasks effortlessly. Additionally, SSD extendible up to 2 TB and a 64 GB DDR4 RAM (clocking at 2666 MHz), HP ZBook ensures the easy multitasking and uninterrupted switching between multiple applications.

The device comes with unmatched security, the ZBook has a range of HP essential and Pro Security capabilities that includes permanent data deletion options for hard disks, privacy-shutter webcam, screen-privacy filter, data encryption, self-service password recovery, multi-step authentication, and fingerprint scanning. Also, HP has also a range of software tools that are meant specifically for workstation administration.

Summing it up, HP Zbook firefly mobile workstation is the best device for designers, statistics-analysts, and multimedia developers. It has a stellar performance encapsulated in a surprisingly compact body. To know more about HP mobile workstations feel free to reach out to IBS solutions. Being an authorised and trusted HP partner we can enable you to choose the perfect mobile workstation as per your needs.

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